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"Running Is A Mind Game" is a Global Community of runners of all levels. As running is becoming more and more popular and a lot more runners joining the community every year aiming to run their first half or full marathon, it's important we stay connected so that newcomers can learn from the experienced veterans. With this objective in mind, the FaceBook page runningisamindgame was launched by Sanjeev Dutt in 2015. 

Sanjeev Dutt himself is an avid runner and has run 10 marathons. He is also an RRCA certified coach. He has been coaching and training runners locally at Edison, NJ, USA for the past several years.

With the community growing online and lot more runners joining every month this web site was launched to further both the goals:
1. Grow and build the community
2. Provide coaching 

To interact with the community you can:

  • Use The Forum to initiate any discussion, respond to questions, etc

  • Publish your post on the blog and share it with everyone. Receive feedback immediately as anyone can post comments.

To interact with the coach:

  • You can set a 30 min free call to discuss your goals and what plan is suitable for you.

  • Subscribe to one of the customized plans or ongoing personal coaching.

Good Luck,
Coach Sanjeev

A running world is a Happy World

- Eliud Kipchoge 

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